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What Fish?: A Buyer's Guide to Tropical Fish

Forfatter: -
Målform: Engelsk
Forlag: Interpet Publishing
Antall sider: 208
Pris: 150 kr.
ISBN: 9781842861196

Buying fish for your aquarium can be a lottery unless you know exactly what you are doing. You may buy a fish that will disrupt your existing collection or you may be sold two males instead of the breeding pair you were seeking. This new series of buying guides provides the information and reassurance you need before you even step into the shop. Here, you will find details about a wide range of tropical freshwater fishes so that you can make the right buying decision with complete confidence. The text delivers the answers to a series of vital questions, from 'What size?' to 'How does it behave?'. The information given is accurate, concise and relevant. The clear page design makes retrieving answers quick and easy.  
A crucial part of each entry is a fish profile, a brief "firsthand" summary so that you can judge at a glance if this particular species or variety will suit you and your system. Clear guidance is given on how to distinguish between male and female fish and whether they will breed in the aquarium. All the fish featured are shown in high-quality colour photographs, including males and females, plus many of the colour forms or varieties commonly available in aquarium shops. The result is a unique reference point for would-be buyers the world over.

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